Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

Having worn out my beloved Schwalbe One tyres last season, I'd stuck on a set of Serfas Seca RS last winter which I used to sell in my shop. Great all-round tyres but markedly slower. I craved some more speed after spending lockdown reviewing rolling resistance's, watts, aero testing video's and anecdotal reviews from riders … Continue reading Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

Resolution Ride 5 of 12

Its that time again. Another 100km ride to do for May. I'd originally planned to do it yesterday but postponed it a day due to the high winds. As lockdown restrictions have been eased a bit, I felt a bit more comfortable venturing further afield this month. Deciding what to do and where to go … Continue reading Resolution Ride 5 of 12

Fast ‘n’ Furious Team CLS Racing S5

Course: Tempus Fugit Distance: 2 Laps/37km I've done only three Zwift races since the start of March. It was really cold outside today so I decided to do some intensity indoors for a change so I didn't have to put on all my winter clobber again. I've been riding my gravel bike everywhere since … Continue reading Fast ‘n’ Furious Team CLS Racing S5

COVID-19 – Lets test positive

While we cower under a cloud of Coronavirus, still locked down, deaths running at 30,000+ and our beloved media pedalling COVID porn everyday, there is a chance, a real chance we can turn the pandemic into one of the greatest culture shifts and legacies the UK has ever seen. 30,000 dead people. Its a sobering … Continue reading COVID-19 – Lets test positive