Helmet + Camera V2.0

Helmet cameras are not the prettiest thing to have on your noggin and they also restrict you to one helmet if you only have a single mount. Its just too impractical to keep moving it and I don't want a mount on my best helmet either. I just want a cheap n cheerful commuter helmet … Continue reading Helmet + Camera V2.0


Floody Hell

I really like my helmet cam now I've got used to it. Its just there now and I can pick up not just the bad but the good and the weird too. Today was no exception. Standard commute in. Leave at 7.40am to meet my work colleague at the end of my road who cycles … Continue reading Floody Hell

iQ2 Race Series by TeamPTz

Course: Watopia Hilly Route Reverse Distance: 37km (4 laps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2rhNGXToqI As last minute as you can get this one. I setup my stream and went off to change and came back with 1 min 40 to go. Shit! I grabbed a pint of water, got my shoes on, started the stream and mounted my bike … Continue reading iQ2 Race Series by TeamPTz

WBR 1 Lap London Loop Hilly Race

Course: London Loop Distance: 14.8km/9.2mi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ9BrtLJEDo Rain stopped play today. Funeral this morning plus wind and rain meant a commute was off the menu today so I opted for a cheeky Zwift race before the girlfriend came home. A quick drive home, I setup my stream and got a 5 min warm-up in before the … Continue reading WBR 1 Lap London Loop Hilly Race