Oval time

I finally received my Garbaruk GRX Oval chainring from Poland last week. About 3 days delivery via DHL from there once they had processed my order after New Year. Quite impressive given the issues I've seen around some deliveries from the EU since Brexit. Today was the first chance I had to fit it. First … Continue reading Oval time

Monk mode engaged

Its that New Year, New Me bollocks time of the year. I've really let my (lack of) hair down over the festive period. I mean really gone to town on the booze and food and as much as I like it at the time, I'm now sick of it so time to bring some order … Continue reading Monk mode engaged

My Cycling Revelations of 2020

I've been riding a bike seriously for over 30 years and I can honestly say, every year I learn something new. It might be a useful tech innovation, a gadget or something different to try in training. This year has been no exception despite not being a normal one. Here are my 5 cycling revelations … Continue reading My Cycling Revelations of 2020

Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

First up, it's been a while since my last blog in November. Life just gets in the way sometimes but now I have a week off I'll be posting a couple more blogs and getting back into the weekly routine again in the new year. Right, so let's talk about these gloves. Given to me … Continue reading Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

Wahoo! New Toy

Not so long ago I almost gave up the turbo trainer. Mojo waning and an unused Zwift subscription leaving my bank account every month meant indoor rides were sometimes working out at £3 & £4 each! Madness. Fast forward to October's miserable, cold, dark nights again and the mojo for the rack was back on … Continue reading Wahoo! New Toy