dPAC.fit Climbers Day

Course: Achterbahn Distance: 47km After the Velo Birmingham last weekend and trying to recover this week, I decided to do a Zwift race today to see how the legs were. A lack of racing recently has blunted my speed. That sharpness you get from the constant change of pace has been tempered which is fine … Continue reading dPAC.fit Climbers Day


Dress Rehearsal

Back in February on the last Cult ride, my mate Paul Astin touted a ride that he was planning to Weston-Super-Mare and back in May. A quick look at my diary and it was a 'free' weekend and about a month before Chase the Sun. Perfect! Then I forgot about it A free weekend for … Continue reading Dress Rehearsal

Chase the Sun North route announced

With about 7 weeks to go until the inaugural Chase the Sun North, the organisers have announced their official route. All 201 miles and 3500m of elevation of it. I'd looked at potential routes myself which really bore no resemblance to what they've come up with except the start and finish are the same. The … Continue reading Chase the Sun North route announced

Zwift in the Desert

The latest Zwift route expansion sees nearly 20km of new roads added to their Watopia virtual world. I decided to take a look today to see if it was any good and.....like every expansion I've experienced since becoming a subscriber, its impressive. Zwift has garnered some criticism by making the last few expansions too lumpy … Continue reading Zwift in the Desert

When #bikeporn don’t fit

I'm gutted. I spend hours researching a purchase. I take the plunge, I wait, it comes (pardon the pun) and then when you fit it, its a mighty disappointment. I shelled out for a pair of AbsoluteBlack sub-compact rings last week. 46/30T. Absolutely perfect for me. My fave 46T outer ring, a teeny weeny 'get … Continue reading When #bikeporn don’t fit