The week after the week before

It was always going to take a while..... Recovering from my week away on my cycle tour. On a diet of 12 mile commutes and a bit of Zwift racing, I somehow managed 26.5 hrs of cycling and 40,000ft of climbing that week over 6 consecutive days. Now I have recovered its easy to look … Continue reading The week after the week before


10 things I learned this week

I'm today. Literally nothing to do. I'm on a come-down and feeling like I should be doing something despite aching all over. I've been thinking about the past week this morning. Here are 10 things I've learned this week Planning is key If you plan, chances of things going wrong are minimised. You'll see … Continue reading 10 things I learned this week

Day 5 – Glan Conwy – Oswestry

I turn for home today. Its another day like Day 1. 55 miles. Rolling terrain with a couple of stiff climbs. The first is literally out of the door. I leave my mom and dads and 50 metres later, BOOM! I'm climbing without a warm up and full of breakfast. The route meanders through the … Continue reading Day 5 – Glan Conwy – Oswestry